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Commercial Security

Fire Alarm Systems and Security, Inc. is proud to offer all aspects of Condominium Security. Apartment intrusion and fire alarms, emergency call, intercom, and facility doors are some of the features available.

Many factors affect condo security. Homeowner and neighbor vigilance, locking hardware, electronic security, and things as simple as the residents’ daily schedules and habits all play a role. This makes it even more important to have a service provider that can work with you on a personal level, create fully customized security architectures, and handle everything from design to installation and monitoring inhouse.

Here at FASS we handle all of your fire and/or security alarm needs from start to finish and the maintenance of your alarm system as well.

We now also offer Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring for all Condominium Security projects.

Fire Alarm Systems and Security, Inc. takes advantage of the most advanced, comprehensive, and reliable multi-residential solution available on the market today made by Condoplex. Condoplex is the undisputed leader with more installations, features, and devices than any other system on the market. Condominium, retirement, health care or medical facility, luxury apartment complexes, and private gated communities – we have a system to meet your requirements and your budget. Trust our expertise in the design of embedded/network solutions for multi-residential real estate properties and employing the latest electronic technology to create intuitive, innovative, and customized solutions.

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