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Stop Throwing Your Money Away

With the AES IntelliNet Transmitter you can eliminate your fire system phone lines and save thousands of dollars per year. You can now lease your new system through us and save even more! No out of pocket installation costs.

New Advances in Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wireless mesh networks are the newest innovation in wireless technology. Historically, all wireless networks suffered from the same limitations imposed on wired networks. The information path was limited to one single route back to a central data point. If that one route was unavailable, then the entire network was unusable. The network was entirely dependent upon every node on the network being active at all times. Given the vagaries of weather, technical problems, user error, or malfunctioning equipment, maintaining a single rout wireless network was very difficult. Users of single route wireless networks found them complex to install, very difficult to maintain, subject to low transmission rates with unacceptable performance levels.

A wireless mesh network overcomes these weaknesses by providing multiple paths for data transfer. Wireless mesh networks such as those using patented AES-IntelliNet technology, use 2-way smart transceivers for communicating data between remote locations and the central receiver. A Smart Subscriber Transceiver (SST), an intelligent device that acts as a transmitter receiver, repeater, and router, links each remote site to the central receiver. In a mesh network every SST is capable of sending and receiving data from another SST or the central receiver, and sending it to its final destination. Data is transmitted directly to the central station if the SST is within radio range, or if not, is relayed through one or more SSTs. Data always follows the shortest, most reliable route available.

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