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signalink-logoSignalink Technologies Inc. is a “solutions provider” offering both installers and end-users the distinct installation advantages of the Fire-Link®II system. Signalink Technologies Inc., designs, manufactures and sells networking technology that uses a building’s existing AC electrical wiring as its backbone. Their world-leading and proprietary technology is currently focused on Fire Protection.

Signalink Technologies Inc. is North America’s only manufacturer and wholesaler of UL / ULC-listed, wire-free, fire alarm audibility upgrade systems featuring power line communications, 75 dBA in-suite buzzers and optional 30 candela strobe. The Fire-Link®II System utilizes a revolutionary new technology that communicates through the building’s existing AC electrical wires, minimizing installation labor and upgrading costs generally associated with a Fire Alarm Audibility upgrade.

Fire-Link®II provides audibility retro-fit upgrades in a snap, allowing building owners to bridge the gap in their fire plan and ensure a safe building. There is no need to replace the existing fire alarm system; Fire-Link®II is compatible with all manufacturers’ fire alarm systems. When the fire alarm is activated, Fire-Link®II in-suite devices are simultaneously activated, alerting residents.

When it comes to upgrading the Fire Alarm System, residents and building owners or managers should not have to be subjected to long renovations and rewiring to ensure safety. A typical 50-unit building can be completely retro-fitted in as little as one day. No mess, no noise, no long term interruptions.

Ownership Advantages


  • Provides building owners and managers with the easiest path to upgrade their infrastructure, with minimal tenant disruption/liability, at the lowest cost possible.
  • Quickest way to get compliant with fire code regulations
  • Exceeds minimum standards specified by UL/ULC and NFPA.
  • Affords “forward compatibility” for the implementation of future applications little incremental infra-structure investment.
  • Less device tampering, built-in ISD mounting bracket for secure attachment to wall.
  • Improved user interface for residents, unit light does not blink and unit does not make any sound except in alarm conditions.
  • Optional 30 candela strobe feature for the hearing impaired.
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