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identicardIDenticard is recognized as a leading producer of security ID cards and badges and access control systems. The company provides a flexible line of fully integrated products and systems — including complete sophisticated ID badging and access control systems, custom-designed laminated, PVC and smart cards, laminators, ID card printers, cameras, and bar code and biometric card readers. All IDenticard system solutions can be easily upgraded to meet the growing security demands of customers. IDenticard produces photo ID card systems that combine biometrics, digital imaging and other technologies to positively identify your people, access control systems that restrict entry into your buildings, and supplies and equipment that support these systems.

IDenticard Access Control Systems

IDenticard makes access control systems that flex with the changing security needs of its customers. You can start by controlling one door in a single building and expand to a worldwide network controlling hundreds of doors thousands of miles apart — without replacing any of your original access control equipment. If needs change, simply add equipment. You do not have to start over.

Access Control Systems available:


  • PremiSys – IDenticard ushers in the next era of security management with the PremiSys access control system. Offering an impressive set of advanced features made available by today’s sophisticated technology; PremiSys is an attractive option to control building access for facilities of every size.
  • IDentiPASS PLUS – Their premier access control system that provides a sophisticated level of security.
  • IDentiPASS – An ideal solution for facilities of all sizes with superior networking capabilities.
  • IDentiPASS LT – An economical introduction to Windows-based access control that can be tailored to meet the access requirements of up to 6,000 cardholders.
  • Smart IDcard Printer – IDenticard’s Smart IDcard Printer is a user-friendly PVC card printer that offers value, performance, and security in one small package.
  • Card Reader Technologies – IDenticard physical access control systems work with a wide range of card readers, including biometric, proximity, bar code and magnetic stripe. Flexible design allows you to mix and match technologies.
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