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Cooper-Wheelock: Leading Supplier of Mass Notification and Life Safety Solutions

Cooper-Wheelock-Logo For nearly a century, Cooper Notification’s Wheelock name has stood for innovation, service and expertise. Cooper Notification, backed by global manufacturer Cooper Industries, is the industry’s foremost developer in advanced technological solutions for Fire, Life Safety and Mass Notification. Wheelock is a trusted brand with proven experience providing industry first, patented technology for the largest range of audible and visual notification appliances. We continue to deliver on our commitment to provide customers with innovative product solutions, exceptional value and outstanding service.

  • The Series MT (Multi-tone) was introduced in 1993. It featured eight different tones including Continuous Horn, Code-3 Horn, March Time Horn, Code-3 Tone, Siren, Slow Whoop, Hi-Lo, and Bell. These could be set using DIP switches on the back of the horn. However, most of the tones did not grab the attention of bystanders. The most commonly used tones were Continuous Horn, Code-3 Horn, and March Time Horn. All three of the Horn tones sounded similar to another Wheelock horn/strobe, the AS. The MT has seen different strobe bodies over time, including translucent vertical strobes, transparent vertical strobes, and transparent horizontal strobes, which are still being produced to this day.
  • In 1995, Wheelock introduced the AS, a combination horn and strobe, which was one of their most commonly used products in the past. The AS was first created in a vertical position with the strobe on the right side of the horn facing vertically. Then in 1998 when the NS was introduced, the strobe was moved above the horn horizontally, like most other current Wheelock strobes.
  • In 1998, Wheelock released the NS series. The NS is similar to the AS, except the design is much less boxy, and the piezoelectric speaker disc is slightly visible through the grille. It uses a strobe similar to the RSS line.
  • The RSS strobe replaced the vertical LSM strobe series, since a horizontal strobe allows for greater coverage. They also introduced the RSSP, a retrofit plate which allows the easy addition of a strobe to older electromechanical horns and bells, such as the 3x series and 34T. Cooper Wheelock also produces several bells as well as speakers, synchronization modules, and voice evacuation products. Cooper Wheelock does not manufacture fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors, manual pull stations, or heat detectors. Many fire alarm control panels are compatible with Cooper Wheelock’s line of notification appliances and other products.
  • In 2008, Wheelock discontinued the NS and introduced the ZNS and the ZRS horn/strobes and remote strobes. The ZNS and ZRS sounds the same as the NS. They also have the same circuitry. The ZNS and ZRS features a “snap-on” mounting system, which allows the base to be installed before the horn is attached. The ZNS and the ZRS mounting system didn’t really catch on.
  • As of March 31, 2010, the ZNS, ZRS, and portions of the RSS and AS products have been discontinued and replaced by the Exceder series. The AS series is still being produced for outdoor applications.

In 2013, Wheelock updated their Exceder LED series by introducing the industry’s first LED notification appliances. The horn sounds the same as the original Exceder. At the same time, Wheelock made Exceder LED speaker strobes.

The Exceder Series by Cooper Wheelock

The Wheelock Exceder Series expands to include the industry’s first LED notification appliances in one of the smallest, most compact single gang designs in the world. Cooper Notification’s LED technology provides the industry’s lowest current draw that allows for energy savings of 52%. Ideal for Green Buildings, it incorporates a breakthrough optical design, resulting in best-in-class efficiency that provides material and system cost savings. Minimizing current draw allows for a greater number of appliances on the NAC and fewer power supplies. About the size of a cell phone, Wheelock Exceder LED horn strobes, strobes and horns feature one of the industry’s smallest footprints with a sleek, modern low-profile design that will please building owners with reduced total cost of ownership. Installers will benefit from its comprehensive feature list, including lowest current draw, wide range of candela settings, single-gang design, no tools needed for setting changes, and four convenient mounting options. These products are suitable for indoor wall-mount applications and are for 24V operation. To meet synchronization standards for strobes, Exceder LED Strobes and Horn Strobes should be used in conjunction with the Wheelock DSM Sync Modules, Wheelock Power Supplies, and SAFEPATH family of products or other manufacturers’ panels incorporating the Wheelock Patented Sync Protocol.

Wheelock_Exceder_ColorLens_Collage   Wheelock_Exceder_Products
Wheelock Exceder Amber LED Strobes

The Wheelock® Exceder colored lens strobe appliances feature a sleek modern design that will please building owners with reduced total cost of ownership.

Amber lens strobes of Wheelock Exceder LED Series offer 4 field-selectable candela settings (15, 30, 75, 110 cd), single-gang design, 4 mounting options, and ability to change settings without tools.
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