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condoplexFounded in 1987, Condoplex has become the world leader in developing advanced integrated security and communication solutions for luxury apartment complexes, health care and retirement facilities, and private gated communities. They have amassed a tremendous amount of expertise in the design of embedded/network solutions for multi-residential real estate properties, employing the latest electronic technology to create intuitive, innovative solutions customized to a particular city or market. Condoplex has extensive knowledge and experience with the mass deployment of 7 x 24 hour network security solutions in harsh environments ranging from the Sahara Desert to the remote locations of British Columbia, Canada.

Condoplex offers the most advanced, comprehensive, and reliable multi-residential solution available on the market today. They are the undisputed leader with more installations, features, and devices than any other system on the market. Condominium, retirement or medical facility – we have a system to meet your requirements and your budget.

The Condoplex Advantage:



  • Competitive integrated solution from a single source
  • Total customized system encompassing all security and communications
  • Reduction of training and administration costs for property management
  • Ensure there are no areas of your facility left unsecured
  • Expandability/Customization for real estate developers
  • Technology designed to enhance the lives of seniors and others with special needs
  • Residents can customize their living environment within their Condoplex System
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